Our Sales Policy

Contact Shawn at lilypatchrabbits@gmail.com to inquire about a bunny.

Please understand that if you are thinking about adding a rabbit to your family, they require a lot of attention and care. Bunnies can live 7-10 years and require a clean and safe environment to live in. I like to be sure that my bunnies are sold to individuals that are committed to the care of their bunny for its life.

All rabbits will be tattooed with the prefix "LP" in the left ear, followed by a barn name or number. (IE: LPMUSE) Pets will also have a small heart tattooed in their right ear, which prevents them from being shown or registered by ARBA. Should you come across a rabbit without a pedigree with LP___ tattooed in the left ear, please feel free to contact me. I keep records of every rabbit produced here and I try very hard to keep track of where all of them are and who has them. At no time should any of my rabbits end up in a raffle, rescue, auction, shelter, or petstore. I will ALWAYS take back any rabbit that I have bred and work to find it a responsible home.

You may contact me to set up a time to see the rabbit(s) that you are interested in and purchase a bunny at that time. This can occur at a show I am attending or a safe neutral location near me. Our rabbitry is located at our home, so for our safety we do not allow visitors.

If you would like me to hold a bunny for you I require a 50% deposit. A rabbit is NOT considered held, no matter if you have expressed a desire to purchase said rabbit, until I receive that deposit in either cash, PayPal or a money order. NO PERSONAL CHECKS PLEASE!  After I receive the deposit, I will update the website to show that the bunny is on "Hold". If you do not pick up your bunny within a week of the agreed upon date, your bunny will be taken off "Hold" and will be back up for sale. If I make efforts to contact you when your bunny is ready to be picked up and you do not respond after I make 2 attempts within 1 week, then the bunny is taken off of "Hold" and will be listed back up for sale. There will not be a refund in this instance. If you will be going out of town, or otherwise be unavailable, around the time your rabbit is ready to be picked up, please be sure to contact me and let me know ahead of time so you do not accidently lose your prefered rabbit.

I will refund a deposit (or full amount) placed on a rabbit ONLY if something happens to the rabbit while in my care or if I decide not to sell it for some reason. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL ANY SALE MADE AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON BEFORE THE RABBIT CHANGES HANDS. I absolutely will refund 100% of money deposited on a rabbit if I cancel a sale. If you change your mind or if you do not pick up your rabbit within a week of it being available it will be resold and a refund will not be issued for the deposit! If you do not show up at the meeting location to pick up your rabbit and fail to make other arrangements, I will NOT refund your money. If you are having your rabbit(s) shipped to you using a transporter, our transaction comes to an end when the rabbit is passed from us on to the transporter. Anything that happens to the rabbit on transport is not our responsibility, and there are no health guarantees or physical DQs (not genetic) for rabbits not transported by us. (IE- if a rabbit arrives with a broken tail, it is not covered under my guarantee, I make sure all transporters check the rabbit for any sign of physical DQ before leaving.) I make every attempt to determine show quality before a rabbit leaves, but I can not guarentee that every baby sold will be show quality. I will replace any rabbit sold as show quality that is found to have a DQ upon delivery. All rabbits are sold healthy and well cared for. I guarantee the health of all rabbits sold for 14 days, unless it is obvious that their health and care was not paramount at their new home. (Excluding rabbits leaving on transports, as previously mentioned). I will buy back rabbits occasionally, but I will not issue a refund if you decide you are unhappy with a rabbit you have purchased from me. Please contact me if you are unhappy with the rabbit you have purchased and I will do everything I can to make it right.

I will not allow any rabbit to leave my place until it is 9 weeks old at the very least. I will often hold on to some until they are 12-14 weeks. This is for the health and overall well-being of the bunny, and to allow me a chance to determine quality.

  To pick up your rabbit, arrangements can be made to meet at a location close to my home or at any rabbit show that I am attending. You can also use professional transport services if you wish, or ship through a few airlines. (I recommend US air and Delta) All transport costs and arraignments are the responsibility of the buyer.

When you pick up your bunny, I require that you pay me any remaining balance in cash, or with a credit/debit card. I do not accept personal checks. After you purchase your bunny, I will always be available to answer any questions by telephone or email that you may have. If you can no longer take care of your bunny for any reason that you purchase from me, I will take the bunny back-no questions asked, but no refund will be given. If you are selling a show rabbit from my lines, I do request first right of refusal. Again, under no circumstances should a rabbit that I bred be given to an auction, raffle, indiscriminate pet home, pet store, rabbit rescue or shelter. I want all of the bunnies that come from my place to always have a home where they are well taken care of and loved!

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