1) Who are you?

Hello there! My name is Shawn Evans and I am the owner and operator of Lily Patch Farm. The current cast of characters on the farm are my husband Carter and I, adorable toddler Toby, a herd of bunnies, three collies (Lucas, Soren and Caspian) barn cat (Sam,mi), macaw (Milo), and Juliana Pig (Hamlet). I have been breeding rabbits for a number of years but began focusing on English Lops in 2011. Currently, I only work with English Lops and (Jointly with Marci Snead) Tans. I am a member of the ARBA, the LRCA and the NCRBA as well as the National Tan Club. I am an active participant in ARBA shows and show at both the local and occasionally, the national level. You may see my name on older paperwork as either Shawn Torrence or Shawn Snead.

2) How many rabbits do you have?

This is a difficult question to answer! I maintain a herd of around 15-20 adult animals. I usually also
have JRs growing out at all times, and from March-October I usually have babies.

3) Do you sell pets?

The correct answer to this question is that it is not my goal to produce pets. I work very hard
to breed the best animals possible so that I produce very few pet quality animals. However,
sometimes breedings just don’t mesh and I have special pet quality babies that I will attempt
to find homes for. I am very picky about who I sell my pets too. I do not sell them to be given
as gifts, I do not sell them to be taken care of purely by a young child, I NEVER sell as Easter
presents, and I do require a no-breeding contract to be signed. I also will not give pedigrees with
pets however I will give a “birth certificate”

4) What is the difference between “brood” and “Show”?

Brood quality rabbits are rabbits that have a non-genetic disqualification that prevents them from being shown. Examples would be a broken tail, a torn ear, a missing toe, a scar, or improper markings/color. I may also list an animal as brood if I feel like it isn't quite at the level to be shown but could be improved upon with the right breeding. A show quality rabbit is a rabbit who matches the ARBA Standard Of Perfection, and can be shown competitively.

5) How much are your rabbits?

My prices vary. My average price is Pets: $50, Brood: $100 Show: $125-$150. But often times if I have several for sale the prices will drop, or I will have a special rabbit priced outside of the guidelines. So it’s important to watch our sales page! I also offer a YOUTH/4H/FFA discount program. All ARBA Youth/4H/FFA participants are eligible for a 20% discount. Youth are the future of the breed and I do everything I can to help them out. Please understand that properly raising rabbits is NOT a cheap process. I do not raise rabbits for profit, but I have spent tens of thousands of dollars building my stock, purchasing cages, joining clubs, showing and building my farm. Just ONE weekend show out of town can cost me over $1500 in travel expenses and show fees. Not to mention vetting expenses and feed bills, and the 40+ hours a week spent with the rabbits!

6) What type of guarantees do you provide?

My rabbits come with a few different guarantees. All rabbits sold come with a 14 day health guarantee. Should anything happen to the bunny within the 14 days, other than owner neglect/mistreatment, we will replace the rabbit with a rabbit of our choosing and of equal value. Pet rabbits come with no quality guarantees. Brood rabbits come with a genetic DQ guarantee. We promise that any brood rabbit bred and sold by us will be free of genetic disqualifications such as screw tail, cryptorchidism, split penis, etc. They do come with breeding rights and a pedigree. Show rabbits come with a genetic DQ guarantee, and are also guaranteed to be delivered to the transporter or new owner with no physical DQs, including broken tails, missing toenails or toes, torn ears (To the extent that they would be DQd in show), mismarks, etc. Additionally, show rabbits are guaranteed to have a minimum of 21’’ ears by 20 weeks. Any rabbit that does not meet these qualifications can be replaced with a rabbit of our breeding and choice and of equal value. We also offer a Grand Champion Reward on our show quality rabbits.

7) What is a “Grand Champion Reward”?

So glad you asked that question! A Grand Champion Reward is a special program that we started
at Lily Patch Farm. So far as we know, we are the only rabbitry in the US to offer this type of
program. Should you purchase a show quality rabbit from us with “Lily Patch’s” as the prefix,
and show it to a Grand Champion in either ARBA open or Youth, we will offer you a $50 credit towards another show junior. This is our attempt to bring more people into the wonderful (and addictive) world of rabbit showing. (Fine print: New owner is responsible for any and all transport of their reward rabbit. Reward Program only applies to animals purchased from us at full price.)

8) What type of food do you feed?

We currently feed Rowe 16/18, with a mixture of rolled old fashioned oats and black oil sunflower seeds. We also offer a supplement of Calf Manna to our show teams and nursing moms. All of our rabbits are given fresh timothy hay, and clean, fresh water every day. We also give treats of greens and herbs, and our adults get a bite of banana or a peppermint oat cookie every morning when I clean cages.

9) What type of medication do you give?

We only give medication when needed, we no longer use a preventative medication schedule. We will medicate using Albon/Corid/Sulfate if we feel our rabbits have been exposed to coccidiosis. We will worm with Wazine or Ivermectin if we feel they have come into contact with worms. We do also vaccinate all breeding animals here with Bunnyvac. We no longer vaccinate sales rabbits with Bunnyvac, unless requested by their owners.

10) What type of cages do you use?

All of our adults are housed in 30 X 30 or larger wire hanging cages. All of our rabbits have
a resting pad or shelf. We use a variety of resting pads, depending on the individual rabbit.
Rabbits that don’t eat carpet get carpet mats. Cleanliness is very important to us. Water bowls
and food bowls are also washed every single day. We have a select few solid bottom cages for
some of our rabbits who do better on them, but generally we prefer wire cages because they
are easy to sanitize, provide better air flow, and are healthier for rabbits. Our cages are hung in
two 100% enclosed carports outside in a very shaded part of our yard. We also have a small quarentine building for new or returning show rabbits located in a different section of our yard.

11) Can I come out to the barn and meet all your rabbits?

I am sorry, but as our farm is located at our home, for the safety of myself and my animals I do
not allow visitors to the farm. Biosecurity is also very important to me and all new animals are
quarantined, and we again, do not allow visitors. Purchased rabbits may be picked up at local
shows, transported with transport services, or you may meet me at a neutral location near my

12) How do I go about purchasing a rabbit?

Please refer to our sales policy for more detailed information on purchasing a rabbit. Once a
rabbit is selected, please contact us to talk about the rabbit. We can be reached by email at
lilypatchrabbits@gmail.com or on Facebook at Lily Patch Farm Rabbitry. To hold a rabbit, a 50% deposit is required. Rabbits are NOT considered sold until we have a deposit in our hands. We absolutely will not hold a rabbit without a deposit. The rabbit must be picked up on the agreed upon date, and the rest of the funds are due upon pickup or by the time the rabbit leaves on transport.. If the rabbit is not picked up on the agreed upon date and other arrangements are not made, the sale will be canceled and the deposit will be forfeited. If we attempt to reach you twice within one week of your rabbit coming available and do not receive a response, the sale is canceled and the deposit forfeited. We do NOT accept personal checks. You may pay by Paypal, or by cash or MO. We can also swipe credit and debit cards in person. We do also have a waiting list- if there is an upcoming breeding that you see that you are interested in, please send us your name and information and we will be happy to keep you updated on the litter. Being placed on the waiting list for a litter does not guarantee you a rabbit, we may not even sell any rabbits from the litter, but it does mean you will know first if something you like is placed up for sale.

13) What is the personality of an English Lop?

English Lops are the dogs of the rabbit world. They are goofy, affectionate, friendly, and
outgoing. They make wonderful pets, and are even friendly with children. We do however
recommend that you do not keep a mature intact non breeding male or female rabbit as a
house pet. Intact rabbits that are not being bred can get very grumpy and hormonal. Bucks can
spray and thump, does can growl, bite, thump, scratch and pee. I highly recommend spaying and
neutering any rabbit kept as a house pet.

14) What kind of toys do English Lops like?

My lops love hard plastic balls with bells inside (for cats) and anything they can toss around. We
go through a lot of cardboard paper towel rolls (stuffed with yummies), small cardboard boxes,
cardboard food containers, willow sticks, receipt printer paper, empty cans, and burlap toys. Toddler toys are especially loved and we pick up as many as we can find at local yard sales and thrift stores.

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