Our current show and breeding females

(as well as beloved pets)

Grand Champion Lily Patch's Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin is a senior black tort doe out of GC BNC's Mocha and REG BNC Manny born 7/5/2014. She weighs 14 lbs and has 25'' x 5'' ears. She has 5 GC legs including multiple Best Of Breeds.

Grand Champion Lily Patch's All About that Bass

Meghan is a lovely young senior solid blue doe out of GC Lily Patch's Catching Fire and GC BNC Mocha. She was born 4/20/15.  Meghan earned her championship at a young age, finishing in just under 8 months. Meghan has 5 GC legs including multiple BOBs. She has 27'' x 5.5'' ears and weighs 10.7 lbs.

Grand Champion MBG's Sunset

Sunny is a beautiful orange doe from our friends over at Bunnies Galore. Sunny has her first litter on the ground now and is a wonderful mother. Sunny has 3 GC legs and was born 3/15/2015. She is out of GC MBG's Trampstamp and GC MBG's Amarillo.

Lily Patch's Lovebug 

Lovebug is a really wonderfully sweet rabbit, hence her name. She is Passion's sister, and was also born on Valentine's day 2015. Bug loves nothing more than to be cuddled and kissed and pet. She is also a wonderful mother. She is a broken black magpie rabbit out of GC Lily Patch's Girl on Fire and AKF's Martini. Due to her color, which is unshowable, Bug is not registered and is a brood doe.

GRAND CHAMPION Lily Patch's Paparazzi

Paparazzi is Preacher's sister out of MLH's Rhythm and Lily Patch's Michelangelo. She was born 10/37/2015 and by 6 months of age had earned an impressive 8 GC legs. Her GC is Pending.

MLH's Pebbles

Pebbles is a massive brick of a doe from our friends at Mann's Lavender Hill Rabbitry. She is also out of some of my original lines, and I am very pleased to have her back in my barn. Pebbles is a sr doe and currently has 1 GC leg.

Lily Patch's All That Glitters is Gold- Glitter

Glitter is a young gold tipped steel doe out of MLH'S Get Rythem and Lily Patch's Pocket Ace. Rythem has yet to be shown due to our current break from showing but should hit the tables hopefully as a senior doe.

Lily Patch's Zion

 A broken blue doe out of MLH's Get Rythem and Lily Patch's Cupid, Zion is a young senior doe who is a very wide and big boned gal. She has yet to be shown due to our current showing hiatus, but her sister is currently the #1 ranked youth elop in sweepstakes!

REG Lily Patch's Razmatazz

Taz is a broken orange doe out of GC Lily Patch's Peaches N Cream and Lily Patchs Michelangelo.Taz currently has 5 GC legs.

Rabbits that we no longer own but that have impacted our breeding program

Gone but not forgotten, these rabbits have helped make us who we are today

Grand Champion RAR's Paintbrush

Peebee is probably one of my most favorite rabbits of all time. She was a beautiful broken orange doe who gave us many wonderful rabbits in her short time with us. Unfortunately we lost Peebee due to pregnancy toxemia in the summer of 2015. She was an incredibly loving rabbit and spent a lot of time cuddling in the house.

Grand Champion Cameo Moon's Lexus

I purchased Lexus' mother, Redman's Mercedes and two unweaned young kits came along with her. Lexus was a beautiful rabbit and showed well. She earned 5 GC legs including a very prestigious win at the 2015 ohio mini con, winning the highly competitive broken senior doe class. She proved herself to be a great mother as well, giving us two beautiful litters. Lexus now lives in Ohio with her new owner where she is helping her build her rabbitry. 

Grand Champion BNC Spice

Spice came to live with me when she was already 3 years old but still managed to make a splash in our barn. She was an absolutely beautiful black tort doe. We lost Spice to old age in 2015. 

Grand Champion Lily Patch's Muse

Muse is a silly, sweet, clown of a girl. She very much reminds me of her mother Peebee. Muse is the mother of our brood harlequin doe Nubs (not pictured on this page) and the sister of Michelangelo, our broken orange herd buck. Muse is currently living in Ohio, helping another rabbitry.

REG MLH's Rythem

Rhythm is a beautiful solid black senior doe from our friends over at Mann's Lavender Hill Rabbitry. Rhythm is special to me as she traces her lines on her mother's side all the way back to the very first english lop that I produced. It was with great pleasure that I welcomed those lines back into my barn. Rhythm is an exceptional producer, giving me several phenomenal juniors. She has had a limited show career, due in part to a tear she received in the end of one ear. However in her short career she did earn 2 GC legs and was registered.

**Rhythem has gone on to help another rabbitry with her amazing babies!

REG Lily Patch's Dreamweaver- RETIRED

Dream is a broken sable point doe, born 4/14/2014. Dream has had a limited show career and has 2 GC legs. She is registered. Dream is a fantastic mother and has produced multiple grand champions and even a reserve best in show winner. Dream is 11 lbs and has 24.5 X 5'' ears. 

**Dream is currently living with Tonya at Carolina Girl's Rabbitry


Mocha is one of my favorite does. She is currently the oldest doe in my barn, having been born in Feb of 2012. Mocha has 7 GC legs, and produced some wonderful rabbits for us. She is currently retired, and living her life as a loved pet.

REG Lily Patch's Girl On Fire- Katniss

Katniss is one of my favorite does, a very sweet and cuddly cream and Peeta's sister. Katniss was born 1/28/2014 and has 24 X 5'' ears. She weighs 12 lbs and has 3 GC legs.

**Katniss is currently residing in Oklahoma with Angel's Echo's rabbitry where I know she will be well loves and spoiled!*

GRAND CHAMPION Lily Patch's Passion- Passion

Passion is a stunningly marked grand champion tri color doe out of GC Lily Patch's Girl On Fire and AKF's Martini. She was born 2/14/15. Passion was the first tri color doe that I produced that I felt was truly competitive on the show tables against the more typical colored English Lops. Passion earned her Grand Championship with a bang, going Best Of Variety under Josh Humphries at the PaSRBA english lop specialty in February 2016 over dozens of very nice rabbits. Passion has 24 x 4.75 ears and weighs 11.5 lbs. She has 4 GC legs. We no longer are working with tris and Passion has gone on to start a tri program with a new breeder.

GRAND CHAMPION- Lily Patch's Peaches N Cream- RETIRED

Peaches is a SR broken cream doe born 2/11/14. She is out of Pinewood's Lancome and Poole's Rascal. She is a large doe, almost 15 lbs. She has 25 X 5.5'' ears. She has 4 GC legs.

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