(Left to right: Peeta, Chilli and Mikey)

Our English Lop Boys

Goofy, cuddly herd bucks

GRAND CHAMPION- Lily Patch's Can I Get an Amen

Preacher is a broken black intermediate buck out of MLH's Rhythm and Lily Patch's Michelangelo. I apparently say this a lot, but Preacher is one of my all time favorite rabbits ever produced. Preacher is an absolutely exceptionally well balanced young buck. He was born 10/27/2015, and but the age of six months had already earned 7 GC legs. Currently he has 10 GC legs. Preacher was registered shortly after turning 6 months and his GC is currently pending. He has earned more GC legs as a Jr and 6/8 than any other rabbit I have ever owned or bred. 

Lily Patch's Han Solo

Solo is my only keeper out of my favorite doe, GC Lily Patch's Pumpkin Spice. He is also a son of Lily Patch's Pocket Ace. Solo is a MASSIVE buck with a huge softball head, tons of depth, gorgeous thick and wide ears and a ton of bone. He has not been shown due to my current hiatus from showing but hopes to hit the table soon.

Lily Patch's Remus

Currently my youngest buck, Remus is a broken opal out of MLH's Pebbles and GC Lily Patch's catching Fire

Lily Patch's Repeeta After Me

PJ (Peeta Junior) is named because he is a complete dopleganger for his father, Peeta. (GC Lily Patch's Catching Fire) PJ Was given back to me shortly after his father died after a battle with contaminated feed, and it was like having his father back in the barn again.

Beloved rabbits that have moved on

Sweet boys who have retired, moved to a different rabbitry, or have passed

RIP- Grand Champion Lily Patch's Catching Fire 

Peeta is one of my all time favorite rabbits ever, and has probably impacted my herd more than any other rabbit I have ever produced. Peeta was born 1/28/2014 out of Hunley Bunny's Juniper Berry and HH's 'Ears Lookin' at REW. He was born during a uncharacteristically heavy blizzard for our southern state, so was born in my bedroom next to my bed while the power was out. From just a few days old, Peeta was my favorite, and was often carried around and snuggled with as he grew. Peeta far surpassed both of his parents in type and ear length, eventually topping out at 28'' ears X 7.5''. He weighs 12.4 lbs and Has a very dramatic topline, with a perfectly round, tight hind end. He is often jokingly compared to a light bulb. Peeta is a handful, he doesn't like to have his head down when posed and enjoys attempting to breed judges. Despite these character flaws Peeta granded and went about making some stunning babies for me.

**Sadly, in August of this year we lost Peeta after a long battle from contaminated feed. Peeta was cremated and remains in our home on the mantle. He is a very special and well loved rabbit, and will always remain my favorite.

REG. Lily Patch's Michelangelo- RETIRED

Mikey is an incredibly sweet, calm, lazy rabbit. He was born 5/20/2014 out of GC RAR's Paintbrush and BNC Manny. Early on, I was amazed by the size of his head, and the shape of his ears. If Mikey has a flaw, it is that he is a bit narrow in the frame and not as round in the hindquarters as I would like to see, however his head and ears make up for it in my opinion. His head and ears are probably the most perfect head and ears of any rabbit I have ever produced. His ears balance perfectly, the width, shape and texture is amazing, they are blemish free and beautifully set. Mikey is a dirty boy and difficult to keep clean for show, but luckily he makes up for it by producing stunning juniors. Mikey has 2 GC legs, including a BOB at the Northern Virginia Lop Specialty show in 2015. 

REG Lily Patch's King's Ransom

Ransom is a young senior black tort buck, born 8/1/2015. He is a beautiful rabbit, with a very dramatic topline. Ransom is out of GC Lily Patch's Pumpkin Spice and GC Lily Patch's Catching Fire. 

Ransom is currently living with friends up north, and helping them improve their herd!

Lily Patch's Pocket Ace- RETIRED

Ace is a huge brood buck, with a massive head and shoulders. He has tons of width and bone. Ace is unfortunately brood due to damage to his teeth from wire chewing, but is a fantastic producer.

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