Welcome to Lily Patch Farm Rabbitry!

                                  Breeders of high quality English Lop rabbits

                                                 **Website updated 1/20/17**

**PLEASE NOTE! due to recent developments in areas of our family that do not pertain to rabbits, we have had to take a short break in breeding and showing English Lops. We do not currently have any rabbits for sale, nor do we expect to have anything for sale until Late spring or early summer 2017 at the earliest. We have greatly reduced our herd numbers to just a handful of rabbits in order to facilitate this break, and will be working very diligently over the next few years to once again be able to produce award winning and healthy English Lops. We thank you all for your patience, and many years of friendship at the show tables, and we hope to be back very soon!**

Located in Mocksville, NC, Lily Patch Farm is a private family owned rabbitry specializing in beautiful and healthy English Lop rabbits. We have been slowly and carefully cultivating our lines and currently have rabbits representing some of the best breeders in the country, including Poole's, MBG, Stretching Limits, Eden's, Rebecca's Rabbitry, Pinewood's/OOM, Lops of Luv's, RAR, Delightful's and Turners..... and many more. We are currently working with a wide variety of colors, including an otter project and a tri-color project, as well as our primary show herd consisting of selfs, torts and agoutis. Our animals are well cared for and spoiled pets first and foremost! Please feel free to explore our site and see our animals, our bunnies for sale, and more. 

We are PROUD members of the ARBA, LRCA, and NCRBA.... and active participants in ARBA shows! 

There are bunnies from our lines living in NC, SC, GA, VA, OH, TX, OK, AZ, FL, CA, OR, NM, KY, MS, MI, MD, CO, KS, NH, NJ, PA, NY, TN and WA, as well as Canada AND Mexico!!